About Us

UNITED WOMEN PLATFORM FOR EMPOWERNMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (UWOPED)  is a community based initiative which was founded back in 2009 by a hardworking youth called nakalembe Brenda due to the high rates and levels of single motherhood among many young women around Kampala and Uganda at large due to the high poverty levels is due to the high levels of employment.



Empowering all women with practical skills through trainings in various skills hence developing their talents and reducing the number of vulnerable and unemployed women in Uganda and Africa at large.


A fully functional and self-propelling organization capable of empowering all women in Africa with skills, facilities and inspiration, transforming them from hopelessness to a state of productive excellence.


To mobilize, Equip and Inspire communities, with emphasis on women through advocacy and active participation to effect and influence Policies in all areas of life; Social, Political, Economic, spiritual, intellectual  and to Preserve the environment for sustainable development.


We are a united group of youths acting as a platform for all young vulnerable women and their children plus other dependants on them. We empower them through our several projects and also through our empowerment program hence leading to their empowerment and development.


  1. 1.       MISS NAKALEMBE BRENDA- Chief Executive Director
  1. 2.     MUGWANYA BRIAN- Mobilizing Officer

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